UX/UI - User Experience and Research

What is UX?

User Experience, abbreviated as UX is the area of web design wherein the professional works on enhancing the whole experience that a user has with a company, its products or services. Speaking in terms of a website, this essentially means that UX includes aspects such as the website’s content, the systems that support it, its structure, and its design. A good user experience translates to customer satisfaction and loyalty by taking measures for improving the site’s ease of use, usability and interaction between product and end user.

What is UI?

User Interface design basically focuses on improving the overall presentation, look, feel and interactivity of the product. Thus, the term ‘User Interface’ (abbreviated as UI) refers to the means by which a user and a product (for example a website) interact with one another (but do not confuse it with Human Computer Interaction, with which UI simply overlaps).



Whether you need a simple informational website or an extremely complex one with a ton of functionality, we are here to help. We are proud to say we are up to date on all current trends.



Web Development

Our goal is to provide you with original work in ALL aspects, not just programming and graphics. We have a brilliant photographer on site who makes it her mission to provide you with professional photos that are specific to you! No more buying stock photography and better yet, no more using pictures that 1000′s of others in the same business have access to. If you aren’t local, we can still make it happen!

Hover over each stock image to see OUR image taken from various client photoshoots.

Stock Photography Black Dog Photography

Climbing A Rope

This is a popular fitness program called, Crossfit. To the left is a stock photo of a rope routine. Please hover over the photo to see Black Dog's take on this popular exercise.

Stock Photography Black Dog Photography

Running A Dog

Thank Dog! Bootcamp - an obedience and fitness program for dogs and owners. To the left is a stock photo of a woman running her dog. Please hover over the photo to see Black Dog's perspective.

Stock Photography Black Dog Photography

An Artist Painting

An artist is painting in his studio. To the left is a stock photo of the same concept. Please hover over the photo to see Black Dog's experience with an artist.



BRANDING If you are starting a new business or need to revamp your current look, we provide the best, most professional and current graphic design solutions.
We start with your logo in order to establish a presence in the consumer's mind and attract and keep customers. logos




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