Actually, I’m not really sure what to call this page. Business development is kinda “it”, but…

It’s really this:

Here’s where I tell you all the different parts of your business we can help you with here at Black Dog. And I don’t mean “help”, as in “charge you money to do things I pretend to be able to do”.


I mean HELP, as in “use Jill’s and my (I’m Paul, btw – nice to meet you!) core competencies to generate more money for you.”

And don’t forget to look at that puppy. 

Anyway, if something is on our list of offerings, it means three things.

First, we’ve invested significant money in learning how to do it, either by going to school or by training with the best of the best online. 

Second, we’ve put in the time, over months and months – and usually years – to develop those skills and be able to put them to use for you.

Third, we’ve actually practiced this in the real world, either with other people’s businesses or with our own businesses (yes, we have other businesses…) and experienced success.

So, with that said, here’s our list of competencies:

  • graphic design
  • logos
  • user experience/user interface
  • customer avatar development
  • messaging
  • offer development
  • productizing (i.e., turning a service into a product)
  • sales, sales processes, and persuasion tactics

That’s in addition to our core offerings, each of which have their own pages on this website.

I think it’s safe to say we can have a fruitful conversation with just about any business owner or marketing director – one that’ll end with some actionable suggestions about how to make you more money.

If that’s you – ya know, the “interested in making money” part – definitely reach out.  I’d love to set up a totally no-obligation, non-salesy, honest and open conversation about your business.

Fill out the contact form and let’s go from there.  Go ahead – I know you want to!

Go ahead and fill out the contact form.  Or, if you’re more of an “email” person, we’ve got that covered too.  [email protected], and we can get you going that way.)