It’s the dreaded “thing-that-shall-not-be-named”.  It’s the Voldemort of the digital marketing world.

Totally hilarious.  We here at Black Dog have NO idea why people are so afraid of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

It’s totally straightforward, and let’s be clear: either you have the skills to do it…or you don’t.

(And most people don’t.)

What is SEO, you might be asking yourself?  All these sleazy people keep on offering it to me, like some back alley syringe, and I still have no clue what they’re offering me.

Well, I’ll be honest.  I don’t really know what THEY’RE offering you.  Probably a very complicated and high-tech way to waste your money.


But I can tell you what SEO is.  It’s very straightforward.  It’s doing whatever it takes (legally, of course!) to improve your rankings in Google’s search results.  Or Bing’s, or…I dunno…Yahoo’s?  Duck Duck Go’s?  Whatever search engine you kidz are using these days.

So let’s say you sell “gomphies” (whatever that might be) in Fairfield.  Whenever anyone searches for “gomphies Fairfield”, your website will come up somewhere in Google’s search results. 

Then the searcher goes through the results, figures out which “gomphie” seller is the one they want, and they click through to that website.


That’s all great, but what if you’re not on page 1?

If you’re not on page 1, you’re not really gonna see ANY action when people are searching for “gomphies” in Fairfield. Sorry. That’s just the way it goes.

In fact, if you’re at the bottom of page 1, you’ll only very rarely see some action.

It’s only when you get to the TOP of page 1 that you’ll start to see some significant action. Like, the money-making kind of action. Or, like that dog catching the ball!  Am I right?

Where’s your website ranking right now? If it’s not at the top of page 1 in the search results for [WHAT YOU SELL] [CITY YOU SELL IT IN]…um, you should be considering SEO.

(OK, maybe I don’t REALLY respect that. And I have a hunch you don’t either…)

If you want to get ranked higher and higher, and eventually at the top of page 1…

If this is too technical, please forgive me. There’s no quiz at the end, and you won’t have to memorize any of it. But I want you to know some specific actions you can take, so here are a few of the many available:

Things you can do on your website:

  • Write good content that demonstrates your authority in your niche
  • Put in enough of the exact words you want to rank for (called “keywords”) so that Google recognizes you for those words
  • Use good coding practices to highlight certain words and phrases, again alerting Google that you want to be known for those words and phrases
  • Use a blog to generate yet more relevant content, making you into even more of an authority

…and many, many more. I’m hoping you’re starting to understand the arsenal we have at our disposal here.

Things you can do off your website:

  • Get other websites to link to yours, proving your authority to Google
  • Use social media to confirm your authority
  • Send out press releases that link back to your site
  • Syndicate your blog content to other blogs
  • Write guest posts on other people’s blogs, linking back to your site
All of this is very doable, and even quite easy. At Black Dog, we have this process down.

We look at where your site is. We research what the competition is doing, way up there at the top of page 1. Then we come up with a completely custom strategy of mimicking what they’re doing…but more and better… so we end up trouncing them.

We’re just using specialized knowledge to, ahem, blow past your competitors. 98 percent of searchers choose a business that’s on page 1. You do the math. That’s a TON of money you’re leaving on the table if you’re not there yet

If you want to talk more about SEO – or really anything else related to making you way more money – please fill out the contact form.

Let’s have a real, open conversation about where you are and where you’d like to be.  Let us lay out your best options for growth, as we see them.  No high-pressure sales, no tech overwhelm, and absolutely no obligation to buy.

If you’d rather email us, I’m happy to do it that way: [email protected].  The main thing is to get on our calendar, so we can help you figure out what your best options are for making more money.

I’m looking forward to learning more about your company – AND to seeing how we can help you grow.