We can help put your business on the map – literally.

As most of us know, a listing in Google’s “Map Pack” – that’s the group of 3 business listings and a map at the top of the page in a local business search result – it’s…kind of like a donut.

A donut?

Well, yeah.  A donut.


Well, because it’s sweet, and everyone wants to have one.

Guess who sells these donuts?

(Me!!!  Me!!!!  I know!!!!  Pick me!!!!)


That’s right.  Digital marketers.  All of them.  “I can get you up into the map pack!” they all say.

Whenever I get that email in my inbox, I shoot them a very friendly email back:

“Oh, that’s awesome.  Can you tell me how you do that?  As in, exactly what processes you follow.  Thanks!”

Do you know how many digital marketing phonies have replied to me?

That’s right.  None.  No one.  Ever.

Because here’s the thing.  It IS possible to get someone’s Google My Business (GMB) listing up into that group of 3 businesses, but you actually have to go out and spend a whole lot of money to figure it out.

You have to take courses.  Right, more than one.  You have to invest.  Like actually spend a ton of money to get access to these techniques.

And then you have to put in the time.  Months and months of study, if not years.  It’s not for the faint of heart.

Both Jill and I (my name’s Paul, btw – nice to meet you!) did just that.  We spent tens of thousands of dollars to learn how to affect these rankings.  Happily.  And we put in years of practice, learning how to act EXACTLY how Google wants us to.

Why did we do this?  Well, Jill did it because she finds all that geeky tech stuff hyper fascinating.  She’s a total behind-the-scenes tech nerd at heart.  And I did it because I knew it would help me change people’s lives.

(tiny secret: that was actually Jill’s reason too…)

So here we are, with all these secret techniques.  You want some of that?

I mean, let’s assume you’re like: OK, smarty pants.  You say you’re awesome at this.  But can you give me an idea of what you actually do?

And now…unlike those shady digital marketers emailing us endlessly… I think I’ll TELL you some specifics.  But not too many, because I don’t want to give away our secrets to those digital marketers hanging around trying to steal stuff 🙂

Imagine you sell widgets in Springfield: your business ranks #1 for in the Map Pack if you search “widgets Springfield” from a mobile device in your office.  However, a mile away…you might be #20. 

Or worse.  Like no one would ever find you, even if they were looking for your specific business.

In that case, you’re leaving TONS of money on the table.

Never fear, though!  There’s a ton of tricks you can use to expand your influence and authority beyond your neighborhood.

First, you can add specific content to your website (we can’t tell you exactly which content here…) that gets you picked up farther and farther away from your business address.

Second, you can add some (similarly top-secret) content to the different sections of your GMB listing itself.

Third, you can, um, “do some stuff” to your website and GMB images to highlight your business in different geographic locations.

Fourth, you can employ SEO strategies to improve your website’s rankings in the organic search results.  (Translation: make your site rank better UNDER the map pack when you search for “widgets Springfield”)

Fifth…well, that one’s a little too good to tell you right here.

Anyway, there are tons of secret ways to get this done.  And if you’re sick of all those slimy marketer emails that boast of their abilities to “get you in the Map Pack”…

(…and who isn’t, really?)

…book a call with us to find out what’s possible for your business.  We’ll walk you through what we see as your biggest opportunities, as well as your biggest threats.

Because GMB optimization might be just the ticket for you.

Or it might not be.

How are you going to know, unless someone walks you through the “digital landscape” and shows you how to come out on top.

We’ll do that for you.  No charge.  No obligation.
I mean, I wish someone had done that for ME when I was starting out.  Holy cr…

That would’ve been awesome.

Why would we do that for you?

We’re betting – from past experience with former clients – that you’ll get a sense from talking to us that we’re the real deal.  That we can actually make you money.

I mean, ask any digital marketing shop out there what sort of ROI you can expect, and they generally behave like a slug sprinkled with salt… Shazam!  And they’re gone…

When you’re done talking with us, you’ll actually be in a position to make wise choices about where to invest your resources to get the biggest returns.

That’s right, I said “invest”.  We don’t believe in taking your hard-earned money for the services we provide.  We believe in making money by making YOU money.


That’s a totally different paradigm, and it’s how we do business.

So go ahead.  Let’s do this.  Together.


Let us take you on a tour of where your business is now – in terms of search, influence, and authority…but also user experience (UX) and lead conversion.  It all matters!

And then we’ll discuss the lowest-hanging fruit for you.  The total no-brainers.  The things that will without a doubt make money for you.

We’ll talk about what each strategy is, what it does, and how it makes you money over the long haul.



And that’s it.  That’s like a mini, condensed, digital marketing education and strategy session…all in a phone call.  Or zoom, if you like.  (We’re easy that way.)

Fill out the contact form.  Or if you’re more into the “personal touch”, send me an email at Paul at [email protected]

I can’t wait to help you!  Let’s make some money together…