For real?

Wait.  You’re a digital marketing agency…and you actually design your own websites?

Allow me to tell you the story of Tom and Heather…
Tom and Heather are both marketers. They both own their own agencies, and they both sell website designs. That’s where the similarities end.

Tom is a hard worker.  He prospects for clients, makes the sale, and then spends anywhere from 7 to 15 hours creating the website, which he then sends to the client for comments.  He then incorporates those fixes back into the website and goes back and forth with the client until they’re happy.


Tom knows about SEO, but he’s by no means an expert, and he tries his best to do the on-page structure well. Deep down, he knows he’s not really delivering a lot of value there.

He also knows in his heart that his designs really aren’t the best out there.  He’s banking on his clients’ ignorance of their options to allow him to choose other people’s website themes and pass them off as his own.

At the end of the day, he’s got about $1500 in his pocket for about 15-20 hours of work, start to finish.  He’s making about $100 an hour, minus expenses.

Heather, though… Heather’s different.  She wants to work smarter than that, and she’s focused on maximizing her profits per hour.

Heather came to Black Dog a few months back and said, “Hey, can you guys design my sites for me?”
Heather figured out that she can get an industry-leading design for CHEAP. She can get one of these for like $499, and then sell it on for more than the $1500 Tom is charging.
he’s finding it’s really easy to just link to our sites and tell her clients that she can design them one of them…for $2500. Or however much she thinks it’s worth to them.
A couple of weeks ago, she came to us and spent $2000 on a website. She’s planning to sell it on for $7500.
Heather spends about an hour on these sites, between back-and-forthing with her client and back-and-forthing with Black Dog. Same revisions, but better quality.
And in terms of SEO, she knows her client is getting the latest and greatest in coding and markup. In terms of design, this is the top of the line.
How much money is she making?

Go ahead.  You choose 🙂

For the basic sites, she’s making…well, she’s making the difference between $500 and $2500, so about $2000.  PER HOUR.

For the premium site, she’s making $5000.  PER HOUR.

Now of course, she’s also out prospecting and selling, so those hours have to be figured in.  But same with Tom – he’s ALSO out there pounding the pavement.

So let me ask you this.  Would you rather be a Tom or a Heather?

Would you rather bust your behind and make $100 an hour?  Or would you rather do almost nothing and make $2000 or even $5000 per hour?

Are you with me?

I hope you liked the story.  I hope it inspires you to make more money with YOUR time.  I hope it inspires you to contact us.

Let us walk you through the process and explain how we’ve done this for over 1000 clients.

Come on.  Be a Heather.  You know how to sell stuff.  We know how to build stuff.  Let’s put our expertise together and get you one step closer to your goals.

Looking forward to it. Just fill out the contact form, or send me an email if that’s more your thing.

Here’s to 20X’ing your hourly!

P.S. Heather’s a real person…but we’ve changed her name to protect her identity.