Do you need to get multiple GMB listings to make your business run?

Are you discouraged by all of the work it takes to get Google’s magic postcard?

Have you tried the Craigslist Method?   Or the Local Guides approach?  Maybe even harvesting old abandoned listings?

Here’s the thing – they all work.  But they also take money and a whole lot of your time and effort.

And – as you know – there’s no guarantee that Google won’t close you down once you start tinkering around in there.

There are quite a few trainings out there that are based on using multiple GMB’s.  If you’re reading this, you probably bought one of them.

We’re gonna tell you a secret now.  Ready?

(…they’re keeping the good methods to themselves…)

WHAT!!!!????  You’re thinking to yourself, “Why wouldn’t they just share what they know with me?”

Well, think about it.  If they gave you their top-secret methods, then there’d be a market super-saturated with competitors for them. 

But even more importantly, newbies make errors.  If a bunch of people come in and start to exploit a method, making mistakes, Google’s gonna figure it out and close the door.  Hard.

Then BOOM.  That method is gone.  For good.

So I get it.  I know why they don’t give you their actual secrets.

But the secrets are out there.  And… yep, that’s right….

We know them. 

We know how to get you GMB’s pretty easily, so you can order them from us, as easily as you’d order some activated charcoal powder from Amazon.

How ‘bout that?  Chew on THAT for a bit.


How much does it cost?

Well…if you have to ask…

You can’t afford it.

Totally kidding. We’re not like that, although with this skill, we probably could be.

As you can tell from the rest of our website, we’re out to help you earn money, and we make money when you do.

So here’s how we price them:
We figure there’s no way we can prevent you from doing something that results in Google shutting you down after you have the verified GMB. That’s a question of your skill and knowledge level.

So we’ll just assume you’re going to end up being able to use 1 out of every 4 GMB’s you get from us. (Although – if you sign up for something like this, you’re going to do WAY better than that.) (link to Patric’s Lead Generated?)

Now, when you rank and rent a GMB, the minimum you’re gonna make off it is like $500 a month. And that’s if you’ve chosen a horrible niche…and if you can’t sell…NEITHER of which is gonna be true.
So there you are, making a minimum$6000 per year off this one GMB.

With a private business, you’re usually looking at a valuation of 3-5X annual net income. Which makes this particular GMB worth about $18,000 on the low end.

So, if only 1 out of every 4 sites is a winner, you should expect to pay us a quarter of 18 grand, which is $4500.
Oops. I forgot that you have to do all the work to rank it. Which is a lot of work.

So let’s cut that price to one tenth, or $450.  That’s probably too low, because you’d probably have to do at LEAST that much work to get the GMB in the first place, but hey – we’re feeling generous.

Heck. That’s STILL too high. We don’t feel right charging that much. Hmmm…

Let me punch in some numbers on the calculator.

(…button punching sounds…)

Alright. Look. I’ve done some calculations here, and I’m pretty sure we can get away with lowering your price to $225 for standard verified GMB’s. If you’ve done a good job niching, that should be your price.

If you wanna go after the big dogs, though.  If you want plumber, towing, car loan, cannabis, fire damage, bail bonds, etc.?  Ya know, the ones you’d never be able to get on your own in a million years?

Those we charge a premium for.  We charge $450 for the high-competition GMB’s, just because of the extra work involved with those methods.

Do we offer guarantees?
Yes, we do. We guarantee you’ll get a verified GMB from us, in the niche you choose. 100%. We also have a 14-day replacement guarantee, just in case Google shuts you down in those first 14 days. That’s if you follow our instructions and DON’T TOUCH your GMB during that time.
If you don’t follow our instructions, that’s on you. Obviously.
After 14 days, though: this is a skills-based business you’ve chosen, and we’re going to have to assume you have those skills. That’s why we can’t guarantee anything after those first 14 days.

So that’s the scoop. If you’re with me this far, it’s because you know how much value you’re being offered here.

And you’re getting as good of a guarantee as you’ll find anywhere.
Not to mention a highly competitive price for a done-for-you solution to this frustrating problem.
So go ahead and order from us, entirely risk-free. If you don’t get your GMB, you get a full refund. Replacement guarantee for 14 days.

Forget about the hassles you’d have – and the time you’d lose – trying to do this on your own. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Click on the order button and give us your details. We’ll have you up and running in short order.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll keep offering this service, so take advantage of it now while you can!

Fill out the contact form and let’s go from there.  Go ahead – I know you want to!

Go ahead and fill out the contact form.  Or, if you’re more of an “email” person, we’ve got that covered too.  [email protected], and we can get you going that way.)