You might have noticed that we don’t offer advertising services.  That’s because, in our experience, digital marketing agencies shouldn’t offer it.

That’s right.  OK, think about it.  All these marketers destroying your inbox and ringing your phone off the hook?

Do you think they know how to advertise?  Do you think they REALLY know how to target your end customer?  As in…do it well enough to make you significant money?

I mean, anyone can print up a pretty and compelling ad with a good offer, send it out into Facebook or Google, and direct people to a landing page.  That much is easy.

I mean, look at this cute puppy.

But the targeting…  WHO is seeing the ad?  That’s where the money is made or lost.  If you have the right audience, you’re printing money.  If you don’t, you’re LEAKING money.

Youch. (We used a scary dog for dramatic affect)

So why would you trust someone who doesn’t know your business inside out to target ads for you?

I know I wouldn’t.

In the end, if you’re going to advertise, you better be sure who your customers are, and how to target them precisely.

Sure go ahead and hire someone to design a catchy ad and high-converting landing page (we can do THAT part for you…).  And sure, get them to run the ads for you (we do that too…).

But don’t mistake that service for actual advertising.  The money in advertising is in the targeting.  And that’s YOUR job.  Delegate that at your own peril.

OK, now that we know all about advertising, may I ask you why you wanted us to advertise for you in the first place?

Was it to make money?

Or was it for brand awareness?

(Hint: please please please don’t be for brand awareness!!! …fingers crossed…)

OK, seriously.

You wanna generate some good leads that then you can sell your products or services to.  

I’m right, yes?

Phew. For a second there, I thought you were going to say brand awareness…or some other random magical mythical beast out there.

Let’s make you some money then. 

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